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Android Jetpack contains a set of libraries & components to build a perfect application and the navigation component is part of it.
Drawing with PencilKit in Swift
Drawing with PencilKit in Swift
By SpryBit | June 1, 2023
Apple presents PencilKit in iOS 13, Before iOS 13, integrating Apple Pencil was more complicated. It provides a set of tools & APIs to easily add draw, sketch & annotation capabilities within an app.
Why web app and web protyping is necessary
Any web or app development project goes through a series of processes that can be time-consuming and costly, depending on the approach.
Growing trend of remote development team
The talent pool in any organization may help define how well the business can survive in the long run.
Angular 11 New Version Highlights
Angular 11, the newest update to the Google-developed web framework, has just been launched as a product release.
What makes android 11 highly demandable
What Makes Android 11 Highly Demandable?
By SpryBit | October 8, 2020
Android 11 is the eighteenth version of the Android operating system. Released on 8th September 2020, it is inclusive of highly intriguing features that include improved media and smart home controls along with in-built screen recording.
5G Technologies
When a cutting-edge technology is introduced to the industries, there are numerous consequences and alterations in the manners of our lifestyles and commercial trading that can be noticed significantly.
Android Instant Apps
Do you want to experience the benefits of Android apps without going for an explicit installation process? Then it is time to give a trial to instant apps that are contributions of the latest technology.
M-Commerce lets us trade efficiently and looks after the amendment that is needed to be made to seamlessly purchase and sell various goods across the world.
All you want to know about mobile app pricing strategies
Setting a reasonable price for your product is one of the most challenging subjects when you are set to enter the arena of marketing.
Things to consider while developing mobile apps
Technology is constantly expanding and everything is available over mobile. Whether it is news or games, everything is in the users’ hands.
Android Pie 9.0
Cool New Features of Android P
By SpryBit | April 3, 2018
In the first week of March-2018, Google announced Android P. Currently, it is for developers only as it is the first build. If you are an Android Developer and want to try the first build of this Android 9.0, you can download it from here.
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