migration in CodeIgniter-4 Commands
Database migrations in Codeigniter-4 are used to track and run the changes of the database with the help of Command Line Interface with the help of Spark. Spark is the built-in official commands provided by Codeigniter-4.
Coding Standards
Coding standard makes sure that all the codes written by different engineers have a proper and consistent appearance.
How advanced JS bundling with Magento 2 is used for website speed boosting
Website Speed contributes to its popularity as it improves the website ranking significantly.
Which one to choose - MYSQL or MONGODB
A Comparison Between MySQL and MongoDB
By SpryBit | March 26, 2021
Database management is one of the main concerns of companies nowadays. Managing data is necessary to integrate data with servers, which can help the company grow.
CSS Preprocessor
Cascading Style Sheets are the key components that describe HTML elements displayed anywhere. It has extensions to support other causes
Why do WordPress Websites use older version of PHP
Most of WordPress users are still on PHP version that would no longer receive security updates. It is an underlying language and recent version is PHP 7.3.9.
8 benefits of Custom PHP Development
8 Benefits of Custom PHP Development
By SpryBit | August 8, 2019
PHP is one of the most widely used programming languages for back-end development. It is open-source and free along with the support of libraries from the contribution of talented developers.
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