Revolutionizing Mobile App Development with Kotlin Multiplatform
Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile is a cross platform technology in which we can share code between Android and IOS platform. KMM uses kotlin programming language & it becomes very popular among us due to its simple & expressive syntax.
Drawing with PencilKit in Swift
Drawing with PencilKit in Swift
By SpryBit | June 1, 2023
Apple presents PencilKit in iOS 13, Before iOS 13, integrating Apple Pencil was more complicated. It provides a set of tools & APIs to easily add draw, sketch & annotation capabilities within an app.
Andoid or iOS Apps what to choose for your business
The future of mobile apps is vast thanks to the growing adoption of app-friendly websites and IoT solutions.
5G Technologies
When a cutting-edge technology is introduced to the industries, there are numerous consequences and alterations in the manners of our lifestyles and commercial trading that can be noticed significantly.
Things to consider while developing mobile apps
Technology is constantly expanding and everything is available over mobile. Whether it is news or games, everything is in the users’ hands.
Scade enable Android App Development with Swift
Introduction To Scade With the help of Scade SDK, it delivers across cross-platform access to native controls like keyboard, map, camera etc. can be controlled through a single code.
OpenJDK bringing Java to iOS Platform
OpenJDK Bringing Java to iOS Platform
By SpryBit | July 30, 2019
Recently OpenJDK (along with the Java Community) has proposed the innovative thought of making java competent to step into iOS.
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