What Makes Android Instant Apps Highly Popular?

Published In: Android, Mobile App Development 24 August 2020


What Makes Android Instant Apps Highly Popular?

andoroid_instant_appDo you want to experience the benefits of Android apps without going for an explicit installation process? Then it is time to give a trial to instant apps that are contributions of the latest technology.

An Insight into Android Instant Apps!

Instant apps serve as a great step in the evolution of app as they are known for comprising great speed and power. Though they look like other apps, but are inclusive of distinctive features. You will be able to enjoy the benefits without downloading.

Using instant apps by Android is similar to browsing a web page. The moment you close your window, they will disappear. As they hardly comprise of any limitation, Android app development professionals give their best to let you experience the benefits of Instant apps.

Base Features of Android Instant Apps

Android App Development Companies are including the try-now button beside the install button. Users may experience the benefits briefly by clicking on the try-now button. The structure of an Instant app is inclusive of a base feature.

All features depend on the base feature that comprises of:

  • Shared resources
  • Layout files
  • Fragments

The base feature module will produce an APK file once built into an instant app.

Remarkable Benefits of Android Instant Apps

Android instant apps are considered as lite versions of native apps that you can use without downloading. Providers of Android app development services focus on enhancing user experience and improving user retention.

Some remarkable benefits in association with Android Instant apps include the following:

  • Users can enjoy whatever they desire. By using Android instant apps, start-up companies will be able to increase acquisition of users through additional features.
  • They help in improving retention of users by building trust. It is the simplicity incorporated by top providers of Android development services that help in gaining user attraction.

What are the Tools Required for Building Android Instant Apps?

Android Instant apps run on Android 6 or higher versions. In order to start building such instant apps, the following tools are required:

  • Android Studio
  • JDK 1.8
  • Android SDK 6.0+
  • Android Tools 25.x or above
  • Gradle 4.0

In order to enjoy the benefits of Instant apps, it is recommended to hire Android developers experienced in providing such exclusive services. They will also help you in pretty upgrading of your existing Android app to Instant app with ease. Though the effort involved may vary on the structure of app, still you will be able to enjoy lucrative benefits.

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