The Growing Trend of Remote Development Team

Published In: Android, eCommerce, Mobile App Development, Web Development 08 February 2022


The Growing Trend of Remote Development Team


The talent pool in any organization may help define how well the business can survive in the long run. Skilled and professional employees make a great team when guided and motivated towards a common goal.

Nowadays, many companies have adopted remote operations, majorly owing to the pandemic. During these testing times, tech companies, particularly operating remotely, uncovered the hidden benefits of setting up a remote development team rather than hiring a web/app developer for full time.

Let us look at some of the benefits of setting up a remote team.

  • Optimized Working Hours: When hiring developers online or for remote work, there is always a possibility to optimize the working hours. Instead of the standard 9 am to 6 pm jobs, companies opting for a remote team can set odd times such as 9 pm to 6 am. This allows Indian companies, in particular, to work as per the US timings.
  • Cost-Effective: Hiring a team to work remotely also enables companies to save money. The company can save money on infrastructure, space, electricity, and remuneration. Hiring a development team for in-house work is more expensive as compared to remote workers.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Remote teams are more focused and dedicated to their work. They are in a rush to complete the work and start new projects. Working in tight deadlines make them more productive as a result, the company can complete an app development project timely and move on to the next project quickly.
  • Global Exposure: Hiring a remote team allows businesses to add global talent. Developers in India and abroad have mixed experience as they work on different projects and with clients across the web. Adding these talents to the team can provide a business with a global edge.
  • Business Expansion: With a remote team, business expansion becomes easier. A business can add talent from different regions of the world and expand business in those regions. For instance, by hiring a remote team in Ukraine, a business can set up its Ukraine-based subsidiary by officially registering its name.

How to hire a remote development team:

  • Check Portfolio: When hiring a web developer or app developer, is it crucial to go through their portfolio to evaluate and select the best available talent. 

When checking through the portfolio, look for the number of projects completed, their competitiveness, skills, qualifications, and deliverability.

  • Video Interview: Initiate a video interview to better understand the team. A video interview has a real walk-in-interview kind-off feel. This is the best type of interview as you can see the team or talent in person and test them on a confidence level.

Some projects require the development team to be on a video call with clients. You would like to have a team on board that knows how to pitch the client and address inquiries.

  • Technical Screening: When hiring a development team, it is in the best interest of the team to have technical screening wherein you can test the team on technical problems. You can have a test ready for them and ask the team to resolve it timely.

Remote work style is booming for it is saving money over infrastructure and space. The option to hire a talent for remote work allows companies to have professionals with a wide range of experiences.

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