Introducing New Features of React Native 0.60

Introducing New Features of React Native 0.60

Introducing new features of react native 0.60

React Native is an open-source mobile app framework developed by Facebook. One can simultaneously develop apps for Android and iOS platforms. Code for React Native applications is combined with the mixture of XML-esque markup and JavaScript language.

What’s New with React Native 0.60?


This is the core part focused on the improvement of actions, roles, support, flags and many more. Improvements in accessibility would make it easier for A11Y.

Spanking New Commencement

Welcome screen of React Native has been updated. This updated ecosystem is more user-friendly and engages the developers to get information access easily and hassle-free.

Aid for AndroidX

In the Android network, AndroidX is a major step, wherein the support of the old library is being deprecated. Because of the release of 0.60, React Native has migrated to AndroidX; due to which the developers are not supposed to migrate the dependencies.

By Default CocoaPods

In React Native iOS project CocoaPods is a part of it. To be compatible with internal projects in Xcode, podspec has been changed. There are compatibility issues with frameworks, and soon there may be the future patch.

Removals of Lean Core

Previously WebView and NetInfo were extracted into different repositories, whereas, in 0.60 they are migrated out of repository of React Native. For considering an automated solution, use rn-upgrade-deprecated-modules, there are more than 100 commits to those repositories along with huge community support.

Auto-linking of Native Modules

Major improvements for linking native modules with the help of React Native are called auto-linking. Possibly, most of the scenarios won’t require the use of react-native-link. On the other hand, the team renovated the process of linking in general.

Upgrade Assistance

To make the upgrade process simpler and accessible lucasbentopviniskelset, and watadarkstar have developed an innovative tool known as upgrade helper.  User needs to browse through upgrading docs to know the individual’s path of the upgrade.

Above are the most updated features introduced recently. These features changed the countenance of the home page and also introduced with various other supportive and accessible packages.

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