Android Q: Introducing New Features

Published In: Android 28 June 2019


Android Q: Introducing New Features

Android Q

After Pie what is new with Android? Is it Quiche, Queen of pudding or Quesito? Let’s glance through some of the features that would be rolled out with Android Q. At IO developer conference in California, Google announced an innovative array of gestures, AI, features and privacy advances. It will be available in the third quarter of 2019, somewhere in mid-August. 

Let’s discuss its key features, confirmed by Google. These features would not have any further tweaks. 

  • Dark ModeAndroid Q Dark Theme

It can be done with the help of quick-tile setting (available in the notification bar). This feature would be the most popular in Android Q.

  • Smart reply for a message

Android Q Smart Reply

Get an automated suggested response in WhatsApp and Messenger. These suggestions are shown with machine-learning and privacy is maintained as no additional information is sent to Google’s servers.

  • Share MenuAndroid Q Share Menu

This sharing menu is faster than the current legacy menu. Third-party app developers need to work on this update so that their apps can be integrated with this latest share menu console. 

  • Quick settings access

    The available new pop up window can be convening in certain situations. Google demonstrated this with the help of example such as, when the user launched a browser and is having airplane mode “ON”, then the browser will show a message to the user to activate Wi-Fi.

  • File organizer app

    Previously there was no shortcut of file organizer app in the app drawer whereas, in Android Q, this has been taken care of! It has a universal search bar for searching for all kinds of files at the top. We hope to see some more tweaks in this app before it’s published version.

  • Share Wi-Fi via QR CodesAndroid-Q-share wifi QR code

    With this Wi-Fi can be shared over QR codes, such feature is already implemented in Xiaomi and Huawei.  This is easy to use, you just have to tap on your Wi-Fi connection, click on the share button; the phone will ask for authentication with password or fingerprint. You can see a QR code and the person with whom you want to share can scan this and gain access to Wi-Fi. 

  • Parental ControlAndroid Q Parental Control

    There would be parental controls inside the settings menu. Parents can take control over their child’s device and gain control over the app installs, screen time and also set when the phone shuts off during bedtime. 

  • Live CaptionsAndroid Q live-caption

    Whenever any video, podcast or live streaming is done at that time it is difficult to hear what the speaker says and due to which the crucial information is being missed.

With the help of Android Q, real-time captions are provided for anything that is being played on your phone. The best part is, no additional internet connection is required for this. 

  • Additional Theme alternatives

    Customization is what everyone likes to do and when it comes to color, every user has different tastes of color. As of now, Android Q would offer four color options. By default it would be blue, green, purple and black, further, it can be customized by users. 

Perhaps, there are much more exciting and enthralling features to be rolled out with Android Q. And the best part is, they are not device-specific. Each and every user will be able to enjoy its new features. Third-party apps need to be ready so that with Android 10 apps are collaborated and does not annoy the user with the frequent crash. 

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