Scade Enable Android App Development With Swift

Scade Enable Android App Development With Swift

Scade enable Android App Development with Swift
Introduction To Scade

With the help of Scade SDK, it delivers across cross-platform access to native controls like keyboard, map, camera etc. can be controlled through a single code.  One unified API has the power to grant access to major functionalities whereas on the other hand for platform-specific functionalities one needs to cast the control to native class controls and can use it without any kind of limitations.

As SWIFT was only cramped to work on iOS platform for app development, now with Scade the world of cross-platform application development has widened. Using SWIFT android development can take place and apps would have an exceptional experience due to SWIFT.

Why SWIFT is a powerhouse for cross-platform environments?
  • Swift along with Scade SDK has commenced various alternatives in development such as:
    • Feature integrity
    • Embellishing usability and efficiency
    • Community communication and expansion.
  • Swift with cross-platform developed by Scade in its initial version includes a compiler which can target both X86 Android platforms and ARM.
  • Additionally, there is also an eclipse based IDE which includes a wizard for code plus UI visual designer to give support to developers for commencing their projects.
  • Fusion is a framework that enabled ease of use for any Android functionality from swift.
  • Over and above Scade has supported Autolayout on Android which would enable the use of auto layout to develop similar UI on both iOS and Android platforms.
What additional aspects Scade has to offer?

As Swift now makes available for Android, developers have a whole new market to explore and thus reach out globally with most up-to-date technologies. iOS developers can enter in the realm of Android.

On the other hand, with the introduction of open JDK Java is also bringing iOS platform so either Scade or OpenJDK which would be preferred by developers is yet an open question.

Let’s deep dive into technical aspects of Scade and Swift
  • Concept of storyboards has been introduced by swift where developers have to manually assign a class to manage the page’s behavior.
  • SCADE lands straight into the page as an entity, when the developer creates a new page it couples brilliantly both aspects of Visual UI and controlling document for Swift.
  • API has been developed by SCADE which behind the scenes maps the common events, objects along with handlers to suitable code.

What’s your take on Scade enabled Android app development with Swift? Kindly chip in and share your views.


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