OpenJDK Bringing Java to iOS Platform

OpenJDK Bringing Java to iOS Platform

OpenJDK bringing Java to iOS Platform

Recently OpenJDK (along with the Java Community) has proposed the innovative thought of making java competent to step into iOS. With the help of OpenJDK Mobile center project, the community would restart their work to make this thought into reality.

Let’s unveil the answers here.

What is Open JDK?

OpenJDK:  Open Java Development Kit is free and open-source also known as (FOSS) which is the implementation of Java Platform Standard Edition. The collaboration of Java Community, IBM, Oracle Corporation, Apple Inc, Red Hat developed OpenJDK which is used for creating solutions that would be compatible with MAC OS, Linux, etc.

When was it introduced to the market?

It was in the year 2007, Open JDK was introduced and recently there is an additional update under the project name, ‘OpenJDK Mobile Centre’ which has brought OpenJDK back into the glare of publicity. A set of APIs was included in the latest version of the OpenJDK repository for IOS and Android. This would aid developers to bring into play java tools of development in the mobile realm.

What’s new with OpenJDK?

Latest features introduced were the management of UI controls for client applications and also preserving flawless communication with the aid of third party services and server-side-cloud.  iOS has JIT (Just in Time) compilation whereas, for Java, JVM( Java Virtual Machine) is not supported. Thus, to overcome such challenges and showcase Java on both mobile platforms, they have introduced GraalVM.

What is GraalVM?

It is a kind of compiler which is also known as, ahead-of-compiler which helps in the effective compilation of code during the build over the iOS platform. This will give support to developers to connect the Java compiled code to their native libraries so that code can be executed on Apple platform.

Java developers are no longer needed to invest time in learning a new programming language, Objective-C. They would be able to deploy the cross-platform application. Developers would also be exposed to the use of custom made Gluon’s Eclipse plugin.

The above changes would bring a revolutionary change in the mobile ecosystem. This would create a pool of mobile development opportunities. If you are a java developer, keep yourself updated with such updates to implement your adroit knowledge over the iOS app store.


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