How to create a product road-map for your SaaS application?

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How to create a product road-map for your SaaS application?

How To Create A Roadmap For A Viable SaaS Product

A SaaS product roadmap is a visual representation of how the product’s development and improvements will go. As a result, it’s a thorough document including sections for product goals, desired/planned future features, and deadlines.

Thus, a sound SaaS product roadmap should include the following:

  • a product’s vision
  • a path toward achieving that goal, short- and long-term priorities for the team.
  • anticipated product progress over time
  • It’s critical to remember that a product roadmap is a living document.

As a SaaS expert, your IT Solution Provider will tell you that no product is ever released in its ultimate state. SaaS is all about adapting to and meeting changing customer expectations through evolving product features.

For this reason, a practical SaaS product roadmap is built so that it may be revised in the event of an unforeseen change in the market landscape.

How to build a product roadmap?

The roadmap of your SaaS product should include and align with business objectives. It should be something you can rely on to meet the customer’s expectations and generate money. To attract the customers, you may include the product’s features in the roadmap. Your SaaS product may have many features which can be tailored or redefined for customers to understand them better. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you build a viable roadmap for your SaaS product. 

Step 1-Set Objectives
The first thing you need to do is outline the business’s objectives. The objectives do not have to be similar to your products. The goals must be attainable, real, achievable, and measurable. Rather than that, the roadmap should describe the impact your products will have on your customers’ lives. It articulates the vision and serves as a guiding light for the projects’ successful implementation. 


Step 2 – Define Features
Your product will have an infinite number of features. Organizing the elements can help you set a perfect roadmap for a SaaS product. There are numerous prioritization approaches available to assist you in categorizing the features you wish to include. The RICE Scoring Model is one of the most popular methods of defining a feature. The model categorizes a product is four types – Reach, Impact, Confidence, and Effort. You can use the RICE model to organize the features and create a roadmap accordingly. 


Step 3 – Subdivide the Goals
After defining the business objectives and categorizing the features, you should divide the goals into small parts to align with the product’s features. This process will help you achieve the goals and define your audience for the product. It is vital to break the goals into parts and set timelines for each goal to achieve the overall objective of the business. You may change strategies and redefine goals later if the desired short-term goals are not fulfilled. With such a roadmap, you will be better positioned to market the product and get desired results. 

The Closing Line
A well-defined SaaS product plan is critical to the success of your product. It may be not easy to put this in place, but it may be easier to begin with the roadmap structure offered above. Don’t forget to update and revise this plan as your company and marketing environment evolve.

Do you want to have a perfect SaaS product plan? Contact us for all the queries related to SaaS development and to have the best possible outcome by having a perfect roadmap.

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Published In : Web Design, Web Development

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