Sprybitians, Embarking On Their Weekend Getaway To Bakor

Sprybitians, Embarking On Their Weekend Getaway To Bakor

Bakor Trip

They say, “Those who travel, find themselves!”

Truly, traveling always excites us and urges to explore dream destinations, discover various cultures, and let us unwind with mystical memories. Our recent weekend getaway to Bakor was one of the most memorable trips we have ever had! We were all geared up for our thrilling travel experience after a very long time. Below is a glimpse of this trip and what all activities we performed.

We departed early in the morning from our office. Our road journey took a few hours to reach Bakor. We were gradually traversing through Mother Nature! The very first day was all about Trekking, Camping (at Bakor Nature Camp) and Relaxing. We trekked to a beautiful waterfall and explored the famous forest of Hidimba. The surroundings were worth a photoshoot!

After spending some time there, we headed to a picturesque Campsite, wherein we relished different cuisines. Since we all were in a playful mood, we performed activities at Campsite. We spent quality time on Tug of War, Archery, Burma Bridge and played Volleyball!

But wait, these games weren’t enough. We played the most favorite game called Antakshari.  All Sprybitians participated and sang songs of their choice.

Thereafter, we were all set for Heritage Sightseeing! It is one of the finest attractions for nature lovers! We visited Kaleshwari Parisar and Sasu Vahu stepwell nearby Lavana.

From that day forward, we were all ready to have a scrumptious dinner. As this trip was ending, we started our road 2 Photos/videos here, journey back to Ahmedabad. With all the fond memories, we were back to pavilion! Indeed it was a life-time cherishing trip, coupled with sheer FUN and FROLIC.

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