In-house or Outsourcing of Quality Assurance Check: Which One is the Best Deal?

In-house or Outsourcing of Quality Assurance Check: Which One is the Best Deal?

Inhouse QA or Outsourcing QA

Every company aims to come up with excellent quality products and services. For establishing this goal effectively and efficiently, companies need to ensure that automation testing services must go hand-to-hand during every phase of the development life cycle. Taking into consideration the complexity of current programs, it is terrifying to deliver a product without testing.

Whenever it comes to analyse the quality of the product, a few questions hover into mind that include:

  • Accuracy of the process of quality analysis
  • Whether to go in-house or outsource the task
  • The exact process to follow for delivering a quality product

It is time to compare the strategies of hiring in-house professionals and outsourcing QA automation testing services to halt to a great decision.

What is the Difference between In-house Analysis and Outsourcing the Task?

Without conducting the quality assurance process, it is very much difficult to come up with a product that will provide cent percent customer satisfaction. Various options related to conducting automated testing service  include the following:

  • Conducting the procedure of quality analysis within the company
  • Outsourcing the task to a group of people that are not associated with the company

For some people, outsourcing the task is a highly effective solution. While for others, it is nothing other than wastage of money. Instead, they presume that getting the work done by their team will be a great solution.

Both procedures comprise of some pros and cons. Taking a deep dive into both, making the right decision will become far easy.

Pros and Cons of In-house QA Testing:

Allocating the task of test automation services to an in-house team will fetch the following benefits:

  • It will serve as a time saver as you need not explain the entire concept newly
  • The company will be at minimum risk in terms of confidentiality
  • Easy communication is ensured as testers will belong to the same company
  • Lower chances to fall into the hands of hackers

Along with these benefits, some limitations of in-house QA service include the following:

  • It may be a costly deal for the company as highly skilled professionals must be hired
  • With multiple projects in hand, there may be some delay in terms of deadlines
Pros and Cons of Outsourcing QA Services:

Outsourcing the task of testing to a reliable automation testing company will fetch you the following benefits:

  • As works will be done in parallel, launching of products within the short time frame will become easy
  • As your project will undergo multiple stages of testing, you may come across new ideas to implement
  • You may expect getting both works and re-work done within a specified deadline

Some limitations associated with the same include:

  • It may be a time-consuming process as you need to put together every detail from A-to-Z
  • Some companies may charge an exorbitant amount
  • Higher chances of getting your secret code disclosed to competitors

By considering the pros and cons in association with both procedures, it is hoped that it will become easy to halt to the best decision. It solely depends on requirements along with resources available and skillsets required for getting the project completed smoothly.

For better outcome, it is preferable to work with an in-house team of QA in coordination with a reliable automation testing company. As it will enable easy exchange of ideas, companies will be able to make a generous selection.


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